Tl;dr: There’s a special flag you can add to a process’s structure. Any child process then spawned by the process will be loaded into memory without ASLR.

In my last blog post, where I discussed the ASLR implementation in the iOS kernel, you may remember me writing about this…

In this blog post I want to take a look at ASLR and how the iOS kernel implements it for user-space processes.

We’ll cover:

  • what ASLR actually is and how it aims to mitigate exploitation
  • how the iOS kernel implements ASLR for apps & processes that are executed on the…

It’s been over two years since I last published a blog, so I thought I’d give this another go in 2020 and kick it off by writing about an iOS-related project I’ve been working on over the last couple weeks – a reverse engineering task involving the iOS screen frame-buffer.

Billy Ellis

21. iOS security researcher.

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